We all dislike obsolete and counterfeit desktop products. That's why we are here for you.

TeslinQ Products

TeslinQ will always source top of the range products for your business, at the best and most affordable price. We supply the following Hardware and Software:

  • Software solutions and services
  • Office productivity applications
  • Computer and network operating systems
  • Network and data security products
  • Servers, racks, power supplies, and network storage
  • Business management software
  • Desktop computers, laptops, and accessories
  • Printers, scanners, and projectors
  • Routers, switches, and wireless access points
  • Parts and accessories
  • Hardware and software warranties and subscriptions
  • Volume licensing in line with compliance criteria

Technical Installations and Management

TeslinQ also distincts itself from other IT companies by also providing and maintaining the following:

  • Equipment rental/leasing
  • UPS
  • Generators
  • Access control systems and security services (CCTV; Access cards and biometrics)
  • VoIP telephone solutions and services
  • Conference facilities:
    o IS audio conferencing (Multiple participants can connect to a single call)
    o Web conferencing
    o Hosted IP and PBX
    o Hosted video conferencing
  • IS fax (Fax2E-mail)
  • Ergonomic accessories based on workspace (Chairs; Monitor arms etc.)

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